HIPAA Services


Many companies are finding that they are required to comply with the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, or HIPAA. If you are a health related entity, or do business with a health related entity, you most likely are required to be HIPAA compliant. EMD can help you find out if you are compliant, help you obtain compliancy and maintain your compliancy. Our professionally designed programs can take the burden off you and make being HIPAA compliant a breeze. Call us today for a custom quote!

HIPAA Risk Assessment

The requirement of having this first step done can be painless and fast. This first step will provide:

  • In depth network scans to ‘test’ HIPAA regulations
  • Multiple site surveys to cover areas not accessible to automated scans
  • Photographs of physical areas to be addressed
  • Reports required to satisfy the Risk Assessment regulations, including:
  • Quote for remediation on areas that are not in compliance


Assessment With Remediation

After your HIPAA Risk Assessment is done, EMD has the qualifications to help you remedy the areas of concern. The quote provided with the assessment will detail what needs to be done, how and at what cost. If there are areas outside of EMD’s service set, we’ll work with the vendor that can supply the service / product to make sure it’s done correctly. From start to finish, your HIPAA compliancy will be managed by EMD without you having to spend the time and worry about it.

HIPAA Managed Compliance Service

Once your initial assessment and compliance steps are taken, we have a program to keep you in compliance as well. With monthly or quarterly ‘mini assessments’, we can catch anything that gets changed, added or removed that would cause you to be out of compliance. We then either fix it immediately if it’s a configuration, or we provide you with the information needed to get it resolved including costs, if any. If you are under one of our Care+ contracts, this ongoing service is discounted and integrated with your contract.

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