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Simple, Future-proofed Communications

If your phone system is in need of an update, we’ve got you covered here as well. Our hosted PBX, VoIP, SIP Trunking and Unified Communication services are second to none. Plus you get the same excellent local service we’ve been providing our IT customers for years.

VoIP, or Voice over IP, has revolutionized the business communications world. Features like virtual auto attendant, voicemail to email, follow me, conference calling, direct dialing, call transfer, drag and drop calls, call parking and much more can save you time and money, but also make your communication with your customers much easier and more convenient. Whether you have 5 employees or 500, EMD VoIP will save you money up front and long term!

  • NOT dependent on any specific internet provider
  • High quality, reliable cloud based solutions
  • Full PBX features with easy interface
  • Modern features with enterprise capabilities
  • Costs less up front and over time versus traditional premise systems
  • Local service and support when you need it
  • How many phones (extensions) do you need?

  • How many actual phone numbers will be needed for people to call INTO your business? Don’t count the number of ‘lines’ needed for concurrent phone calls, but only how many phone numbers. Unless you need individual phone numbers to go directly to multiple extensions or departments without going through a receptionist or menu system, most likely this answer is ‘1’. Keep in mind that with the advanced call routing features, technically you only need one phone number no matter how many people call in at once. Don’t consider fax numbers in this answer either please.
  • If you have existing phone numbers that you wish to keep, we can port them over so you don’t lose them. Keeping in mind the question above, how many numbers would you want to ‘port’ over including fax numbers?
  • Now, how many concurrent call paths do you need? Think ‘phone lines’ here. Even though you technically only need one phone number, we need to know how many people, on average, you need to be on the phone at one time. Count incoming, outgoing and all users of conference calls:
  • How much, if any, international calling do you need?
  • How many physical offices, or locations do you need the phones to be located at?
  • If you still need to send or receive faxes, you have a few options.

    1. 1 - You can keep a legacy fax machine and the land lines that you use for that fax machine. Most people don’t need a fax machine these days, but there are some applications that still require it.
    2. 2 - We can offer you eFax services. This is a more modern way of sending and receiving faxes and no fax machine is required, and no land telephone line is needed either. Using this method, we will port your fax number to our system and then you simply scan documents and email them to our eFax service address. You can fax documents to any fax machine or eFax service in the world. When someone sends a fax to you (using any method) they will still send it to your fax number and you will receive the documents via email instead of on a fax machine. You can have multiple users send and receive faxes using eFax.
    3. 3 – You can simply scan documents and email them to a person directly for free, however, you can’t send to a legacy fax machine this way.

    Please select your fax option from the dropdown below.


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