So, why are we better?


First, here’s some boring facts about us:

  • We’ve been providing Amazing service for more than 25 years now!
  • We have locations in the Central Valley and the Central Coast.
  • We have a large team of people and two offices to take care of you.
  • We offer leading edge services for ALL of your IT needs.

Now, here are just some of the reasons why the EMD Way makes us better..

  • The EMD Way is best described as a complete ‘Caring Culture’. Everything we do revolves around creating a better experience for our customers. It truly is a culture in our offices, not just lip service, and everyone is on board with it. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t work here. That’s the EMD Way.
  • We focus on being proactive in every aspect of our service so that our customers experience less trouble, less downtime and have efficient and happier users. When I say proactive, I mean everything from keeping your computers clean internally to monitoring and maintaining your servers 24/7. That’s the EMD Way.
  • Our processes ensure we do it the best way, every time. If you’re looking for the cheapest IT support, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for IT support that consistently gets positive results using best practices from experience, you’ve come to the right place. Doing it the best way – That’s the EMD Way.
  • We measure customer satisfaction… not yearly, not monthly, but daily. We anxiously await surveys that tell us daily how we’re doing, and if needed, how we can improve. If we don’t get results that indicate they are MORE than just satisfied, we find out why. That’s the EMD Way.
  • We’re human. Yes, we may occasionally make a mistake and not everyone would say that on their own website, but let’s face it - no IT support is perfect. But if you have a rare problem with our service, just wait until you see us respond to the problem… The customer will be put first, always – not our profits. That’s the EMD Way.

A note from the CEO..

I would like to personally invite you to experience the EMD Way for yourself. We’re not just ‘talk’ here, we live a culture of caring for our customers. I guarantee you will be happier with the results we provide than from any other IT company you’ve dealt with in the past. And we don’t lock our customers into long term IT contracts – we don’t have to. If we keep our promise, you’ll be a long term customer because you’re getting the results you need. If you need an IT company that has world class support and processes, one that treats their customers like friends, and one that stands by their work.. EMD is the right IT company for you. We have three core values that we live by, day in and day out and I want to share them with you:

  • AMAZING SERVICE ON EVERY TICKET – This should be typical, not the exception.
  • BE SOLUTION MINDED – Treat every customer problem as if it’s your problem.
  • CUSTOMERS ARE EVERYTHING – Act like they provide our paychecks… because they do.

If you come into either of our offices, you will see these professionally printed on poster boards – everywhere. We talk about them in our company meetings and we truly live by each and every one. Want to try us out for free? Any new customer can get a free hour of service just by mentioning this offer on our website. Want to hear from some of our existing customers? Just ask me for a referral sheet and you’ll get a list of real, current customers that can tell you in their own words how EMD has treated them. We want your business, and our promise is that you won’t be disappointed!

Lolen East